Terms Of Service

Data Responsibility:

All data on the client’s device needing service is solely the client’s responsibility and should be backed up onto other media prior to any services being performed. If the computer needing service has any spyware/malware or viruses that have contributed to the problem(s) that the client has reported, the data and/or operating system may become corrupt, deleted or inaccessible as a result. Thus, the client does not hold Brite Technologies, LLC, its associates, technicians or affiliates responsible for any data loss, reinstallation of an operating system or reconfiguration of any personal user profile accounts needed to restore the affected system back to normal operation. If the client is using our data backup plan service, we should be able to restore any data that has been backed up on that platform prior to the requested service by the client provided that the backup settings for the computer being serviced has a frequency time near the service request and the computer is backing up as scheduled. Although our online backup service has an alert system in place for missed or failed backups, the client is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that the scheduled backups have executed based on their desired configuration.

Spyware/Malware and Virus Removal:

If this is a spyware/malware or virus related service request, Brite Technologies, LLC will perform system scans using the most up to date spyware/malware and virus removal software to determine whether a reinstallation of the operating system is necessary to fully resolve the problem. The scans & removal process could take up to 4 hours to complete, depending upon the number of user profiles and severity of the infection. Brite Technologies, LLC will attempt to get initial results within the first hour of service to determine whether a full windows reinstallation will be necessary to remove the infections. It will be the client’s decision on continuing service beyond 1 full hour or have a partial resolution or work-around put in place by us for the necessary time it takes to obtain that point of resolution.

Software Responsibility:

The client is responsible for possessing all operating system and application software media along with any authenticity key codes or licenses for any reinstallations of that application. If the media is unavailable, the client may purchase a copy of software desired or needed from Brite Technologies, LLC at the current price plus any ordering and handling fees associated with that purchase.

Service Request Response Times:

All standard client service requests have up to a 4 business hours response time during normal business hours excluding weekends and holidays. Emergency client service requests have up to a 1 business hour response time during extended emergency request service hours that are posted on our emergency support page.

Cancellations and No-Shows:

The client is to cancel any onsite service request by phone at 877-577-2848, ext 3 at least 1 hour prior to confirmed appointment time. If the technician arrives and the client is not available or has elected to cancel service without making the necessary phone call, the client will be assessed a $40.00 flat charge as a no-show or cancellation fee and must be paid prior to any further services being performed. Brite will make 2 attempts to contact the client at the phone number(s) on file with documented efforts and gain access to the equipment prior to enforcing this rule and applying the fee associated.

Terms of Payment:

Effective October 1, 2023: The payment method used by the client at the time of scheduling the service appointment shall be the primary method used for any additional billing associated with the same service request unless another payment method is provided by the client in advance. Acceptable payment forms are check, e-check, credit card, or money order. If the client is a business operation that uses an accounting practice where accounts payables are performed on a periodic basis, payment must be received within 15 days from the date of service, unless prior payment terms have been agreed to by Brite Technologies LLC management. Failure to pay the remaining amount in full by the due date will result a late fee of 20% of the remaining balance due plus any additional collection and/or attorney fees associated with collecting the balance due. Collection efforts and fees shall begin once the balance due has reached 30 days past due. Checks shall be made payable to Brite Technologies, LLC. Any payments refused by the client’s financial institution due to NSF or closed account will result in a $40.00 returned check fee plus collection fees and will be added to the outstanding balance due.

Billable Rates and Minimums:

NOTE: Effective October 1, 2023 our service rate table has been modified. Brite Technologies, LLC charges the following:

  • Standard Technical Support Service Rates
    • 1st hour – $160.00
      • Onsite: 30 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
      • Remote: 15 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
      • Depot: 15 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
    • Additional hours beyond 1st hour – $120.00 per hour
      • All service types: 15 minute increments until work is completed
    • Additional hours beyond 2.00 hours – $100.00 per hour
      • All service types: 15 minute increments until work is completed
  • Business Network Technical Support Service Rates
    • Standard Support : $180.00 per hour
      • Onsite: 1 hour minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
      • Remote: 30 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
    • Emergency Support: $270.00 per hour
      • Onsite: 1 hour minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
      • Remote: 30 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
  • Emergency Technical Support Service Rates
    • 1st hour – $240.00
      • Onsite: 30 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
      • Remote: 15 minute minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter up to 1 hour
    • Additional hours beyond 1st hour – $160.00 per hour
      • All service types: 15 minute increments until work is completed
  • Consulting, Diagnostic & Site Survey Rate
    • $80.00 per hour
      • Onsite: 1 hour minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter
      • Phone/Remote: 1st 15 minutes no charge; 15 minute increments thereafter
  • Tutorial & Training Rate
    • $60.00 per hour
      • 1 hour minimum & 15 minute increments thereafter
  • Administrative Fees/Rates
    • $40.00 per hour
      • Document & image creation/editing: 1 hour minimum and 15 minute increments thereafter
      • Ordering & warranty assistance: 30 minute minimum and 15 minute increments thereafter
    • Credit card processing fee
      • 3% on total amount invoiced to the client for all equipment/software order portion
    • Equipment handling fee
      • $40.00 per round trip, per vendor/retail/client location from our main office
    • Technical support request resolution provided by email or download to client
      • $40.00 flat rate per request
  • Flat Rate Services
    • All service rates are prorated where posted for certain services provided and will not be combined with hourly rates for that specific task within the service request
  • Project Labor Rates
    • All projects will be billed to the client based on the approved quote/estimate for each project as stated in the details of the quote/estimate
  • Service Plans – click here to learn more
    • Discount Service Membership plan
      • Starts at $20.00 per month, per computer
    • Computer Support & Monitoring plan
      • Starts at $40.00 per month, per computer
    • Online Data Backup plan – $15.00 per month, per computer

NOTE: Rates are subject to change without prior notice, but will be in effect as of the 1st  date of the services provided and not what has been posted in prior terms of service statements unless a formal quote or estimate has been given to the client in advance for a service or project. Service agreements can be terminated at our discretion due to missed payments by the client and/or vendor services no longer being offered or revised that affect the actual billing to the client.

Refunds & Service Credits Policy:

Brite Technologies LLC does not give refunds for services requested. However, if the service request that has been pre-paid by the client does not go as scheduled, the client will be given a service credit without any penalty that can be used on future service requests.

If the client has paid for a resolution by email and still needs support for the same exact task after receiving the email from us and attempting to perform the task without success, the amount paid will be deducted from the additional billable support provided by us to resolve that task for the client. However, standard billing rates will be applied to the next request by the client before deducting the pre-paid amount. If there is any credit remaining from that transaction, it can be used by the client on future service requests as well.

All equipment and software sales are final as we are not a retail operation. Any returns must be handled by the vendor/retailer that we’ve obtained the software/equipment from. Their return policy is what will be honored. However, we will provide assistance at normal fees associated with the handling and processing process to support the return policy of the vendor/retailer on behalf of the client, if desired.

Client Confirmation of Work Completed:

Upon completion of services performed, the client shall complete a quick online survey to confirm that the service(s) have either been completed to satisfaction or additional work is needed. We will continue to keep the same service request open until a full resolution has been achieved; or a recommendation of what the client will need to do based on the failure that occurred. A recommendation does also constitute as a resolution if the failure of the equipment is not repairable.

Warranty on Parts and Services:

All services have 30 a day workmanship warranty from completed date on any hardware items installed and listed on the invoice details reported. Note that recurrences of viruses and/or spyware are considered the fault of the client based on computer usage after service or the type of virus infection that can reproduce itself at anytime once internet access is used by the client.

Any additional support needed to continue a software error or virus removal resolution will result in additional billing in accordance with our rates and minimums posted above in this statement beginning with the 2nd hourly rate at 15 minute increments on return visit or remote access and telephone assistance versus being charged a new 1-hour minimum. Exceptions are revising startup settings, turning system restore back on and adjusting internet security or anti-virus software after being changed by Brite Technologies; we will do these tasks remotely at no charge to the client.

All equipment carries a warranty with the vendor/retailer only and then the manufacturer based on their terms of sale. We do not offer in-house warranties on equipment. However, we will provide warranty assistance on behalf of the client and apply our administrative fees to the request as outlined above in our rates and minimums section. Any equipment reconfiguration requested by the client will be billed using the standard technical support rates and minimums posted above.

Terms of Sale:

All sales involving 3rd party vendor purchases will be treated as a service only provided by Brite, as we are not a retail-based business. We merely act as an agent to the client to assist with purchases being made for computer parts, computer systems and software applications. Service fees are applied to the final invoice for equipment handling and administrative support to the client. All 3rd party vendor sales transfers that we invoice to the client are final and any returns must be handled by the 3rd party selling vendor’s terms of sale, which will be indicated on our invoice. However, we will assist our client’s with the returns process, if needed. Pricing for equipment includes taxes and shipping charges added by the vendor. Payment for 3rd party vendor purchases must be paid in full by the client via check, money order or credit card and have cleared our bank or credit card merchant systems prior to the order being placed with the 3rd party vendor(s).

Please print this page for your records…Thank you for your business…

Statement Revised 1/1/2024